Behavioral Care Appointment Help Offered

Jan, 2008

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Military families living in the U.S. who are enrolled in Tricare can now use a toll-free telephone number to locate and schedule appointments with behavioral care specialists.

The toll-free numbers for the new Behavioral Health Care Provider Locator and Appointment Assistance Service are:

West Region, (866) 651- 4970
North Region, (877) 747-9579
South Region (877) 298-3514

Hours vary according to region. Those who wish to use the appointment assistance line must first have a behavioral health care referral from their primary care manager. Guidelines stipulate that Tricare Prime active duty family members can receive eight outpatient visits with behavioral health care providers per fiscal year (Oct. 1-Sept. 30) without a referral. As long as they use providers within the Tricare network, they will not have to pay point-of-service cost sharing charges. Tricare also advises that the phone numbers are not hot lines for persons needing immediate help.