Notification Procedure Changes Clarified

Jan, 2008

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From now on, any telephone notification to next-of-kin family members of injured, wounded or sick Marines or sailors attached to Marine Corps units will come from Marine Corps Headquarters. According to MARADMIN 752/07, unit commands are to provide voice reports to Headquarters Marine Corps (MRPC).

Commands can provide next-of-kin in the voice reports, or e-mail that information to Commands must then file personnel casualty reports that provide information on prognosis, diagnosis, the location of the Marine or sailor, medevac plans, and any other relevant information that would help family members. "In order to provide accurate information to the [next-of-kin], it is important that units generating casualty reports ensure that information is clear and not ambiguous or conflicting information," the MARADMIN states. Once assured that correct information is in hand, MRPC will make the notification calls to family members between 5 a.m. and midnight local time. MRPC will also serve as contact point for those family members who seek updates via toll-free telephone numbers.