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In a perfect world
there would be no veterans.

In a perfect world
there would be no wars.

By definition, all the men and women who have sworn allegiance to and have served our country are veterans. Until now, only those that were lost during active service have been acknowledged.

The Living Wall©, a project of America's Veterans, will record through photography and oral histories, living veterans from all branches of the military from WWI through the present.

The Living Wall© will honor those that survived.

America has now declared war on Terrorism and a new generation of veterans is being born. With this generation will come new casualties. Our government claims that it is prepared to handle these incoming wounded. However, veterans easily fall into obscurity as time erodes the immediacy of their sacrifices. Quietly, despite large numbers of veterans who qualify for treatment at veteran hospitals, the Department of Veteran Affairs has closed inpatient beds throughout the United States and has restructured into an outpatient-oriented healthcare system. The land intended for our veterans use is being sold and leased to non-veteran entities. Nationwide, veterans and veteran organizations are protesting these and other actions. Unfortunately, these protests lack enduring human faces. The Living Wall© will change that forever.
Embracing all living veterans, The Living Wall© will embody dramatic black & white photographic images of America's veterans, their oral histories, and official documents and maps, on large porcelain coated steel panels. These photographs and oral histories will be the centerpiece of a traveling multi-media presentation. When assembled, the exhibit will travel throughout the United States.

The Living Wall© will pay tribute to all living veterans. It will educate the American public about our veterans, their lives and struggles and the continued sacrifices they make.

With the generous support of your contributions, The Living Wall© will become a reality for all living veterans and their families.

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