America's Veterans pays tribute to all veterans by collecting their stories through interviews so that we can educate the American public about who our veterans are, their lives and struggles, and the continued sacrifices they make.

In an effort to preserve their stories, America's Veterans partnered with the Library of Congress' Veteran History project in Washington, D.C., where the interviews are archived.

While collecting these interviews, some veterans provide us with their DD214's proving their service and awards. Documentation from our homeless veterans is not always readily available, and others like our Featured Veteran in August 2002, Ken Nelson provided us with written letters and photographs purporting his service.

On December 8, 2009, America's Veterans learned that Mr. Nelson, who acted as the caretaker of the Sacramento Monument dedicated to California's Vietnam veterans, pled guilty in the U.S. District Court for wearing a Silver Star that had not been earned by him. He will be sentenced in March 2010 under the federal Stolen Valor Act, which prohibits wearing unearned military decorations.

America's Veterans honors all veterans who have served our country. We do not support individuals that steal the identity of our service men and women that have defended our country and who have been awarded medals for their sacrifices.

America's Veterans has chosen to leave Mr. Nelson's image on our website in order for others to see the man who claimed to have earned one of the highest honors a service member can receive. In his quest for valor, Ken Nelson dishonored those he was attempting to emulate.

America's Veterans will cooperate with any investigation that provides sufficient evidence of those who are attempting to perpetrate this, and any other crime, against our military and its veterans.

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